A significant part of our work is involved with un-limited companies, be they Sole-Traders or Partnerships.

Starting out with a business?
We will chat informally with you about your responsibilities upon going into self-employment. We will deal with establishing the business with the Inland Revenue/NIC office and, if necessary, the VAT office, and will help you to decide whether a Sole Trader or a Limited Company is the best business format. I also appreciate new businesses keeping in close touch with me over the early months, as this period often decides the success of the enterprise.

We will provide support with your book-keeping, with simple, clear advice to help get you going..

We will advise the client whether and when to register for VAT purposes, and how to keep VAT records. We will help with registration, and will prepare VAT returns where necessary.

We produce accounts as required by the Inland Revenue, but I do also try where I can to use the client account meeting to delve under the surface of the business, and help the client to understand and interpret his accounts.

Tax Returns.
We prepare Personal and Partnership Tax Returns, and deal with all correspondance from the Inland Revenue,taking the pressure away from the client.I try to ensure that all clients are clear as to their tax liabilities, and timings of any tax payments.